Vox Flora, Vox Fauna

2019- ongoing

VOX FLORA, VOX FAUNA is a solo vocal music project which started in Summer 2019.

In this soundscape extended vocal techniques, speech act, the performer’s body and other external sounding elements (including small instruments and objects) are used as mediations between the human, the animal and the nature in constant transformation. In this concert-performance, the evocative power of voice, as one of the most primitive and original human instrument, is used to commemorate our primitive desires, fears, joys, grieves and our bestial and vegetal origins.

The idea of a possible physical and mental transformation back into animals and plants comes also from the literary works of previously institutionalised and straitjacketed female authors and artists who have found their ways out through such form of imaginary metamorphosis. Therefore, the use of female voice with other instruments and techniques also adds another layer to the context as a form of breaking silence against ongoing gendered violence, singing and sounding almost as witchcraft or exorcism through various vocal resisters, pitches, beats, rhythms, vibrations and resonances.