Vox Flora, Vox Fauna


“if nothing is to vanish,
water turning into haze,
turf into a maze,
may your hands ever flood
for not holding anything

VOX FLORA, VOX FAUNA, the solo debut of the vocalist and composer Ece Canlı, is a series of soundscapes loomed together by extended vocal techniques, extralinguistic poetry and other sounding instruments. Combining a multiplicity of styles from ancient threnodies to improvised experimental music with a singular narrative, the album evokes and crystallises the embodiment of the human-animal-nature, as a mediation between the earthly and the celestial. The plasticity of human voice, enhanced by the artifice of various registers, pulses, resonances and dissonances, commemorates our bestial and vegetal origins towards a psychic metamorphosis for relinking.

The project started in Summer 2019 as a series of semi-structured composition materials and became materialised when the Porto-based label Lovers&Lollypops turned it into an album which was released on November, 2020.

All composed and performed by Ece Canlı
Recorded, mixed and produced by José Arantes
Mastered by Chris Hardman
Artwork by Ana Torrie
Graphic composition by Miguel Carneiro
Design by Sergio Couto
Printed by Oficina Arara
Recorded at Alpendurada with the production by Pedro Monteiro and Luís Sobreiro
Promo photos by Renato Cruz Santos

The music video of the single of the album, ANIMANCIA was directed by Luis Sobreiro:

The album artwork is a compilation of woodcuts by Ana Torrie, graphically composed by Miguel Carneiro and printed in silkscreen in two colours (gold and white) by Oficina Arara:

Photo credit: Renato Cruz Santos