voice folds

– in progress –

A sound, voice and performance piece by 
Catarina Miranda, Clélia Colonna, Ece Canlı, Luísa Saraiva
2018 – ongoing

This upcoming project, as a research and practice-based collaboration, aims to bring four vocal practitioners together: Catarina Miranda, artist and choreographer who uses voice as an essential component in her work; Luísa Saraiva dancer and choreographer practicing baroque singing; Ece Canlı, performance artist and musician working with the extended techniques and possibilities of voice; and Clélia Colonna, singer and performer researching on eastern and mediterranean polyphonic singing since many years.

The aim of the collaboration is to fuse into each other’s artistic approach, explore vocal dimensions in order to create and define a common base, a common vocabulary for a collective work.

The artists envision to engage into different aspects of sounding (i.e. durational, continuous, clipped, blended, immersive etc.), through scoring, playing with utterances and disturbances, with harmonizing and discording, tuning-in and tuning-out. As part of their research, they would like to avail of the multiplicity of spaces and soundscapes each place (of residency) offers, integrating its characteristics into their bodies and voices, sketching ephemeral presences, creating variations and fluxes of voices and generating different listening experiences both for themselves as practitioners and for the audience.

(The image of the cover by Antony Gormley)