sincópe vasovocal

A site-specific solo vocal performance, 
first performed at Cabaré Brutal, CCOP, Porto

“Hot. Straining. Hot. Eating. Stuffed. Boiling. Eating it all. Sweating. Magic smell. Spinning. Nausea. Spinning. Too hot. Magnetic tongue. Spinning. Smelling warm. Eating more. Stuffed. Rot. Nausea. Nau—”

“Quente. Tensão. Quente. Comer. Recheado. Ferver. Comer tudo. Suar. Cheiro mágico. Girar. Náusea. Girar. Muito quente. Língua magnética. Girar. Cheirar calor. Comer mais. Recheado. Podridão. Náusea. Náu—”

Reflex syncope (Síncope Vasovagal) is a brief loss of consciousness resulting from various triggers from i.e. seeing blood and fear of bodily injury to standing for long period of times and heat exposure, all of which are experienced more by certain bodies under arduous socio-spatial conditions than others. What happens at this particular point in time; an altered state; a split moment of shifting to another consciousness? And how to pass through a such mental aperture by sonic, imagetic and performative reenactments?

Photo credits: Gonçalo Araújo

Video excerpts: