sidewalk position OR i ditt arsle

A Performance piece created by T.I.R.
performed at Warehouse9, Copenhagen
Vita Havet at Konstfack, Stockholm
Festival Utflykten, Kulturföreningen, Kråkan, Barnens Ö.
Jordbrostadsteater, Stockholm

A piece based on two different play scripts Up Your Ass by Valerie Solanas and How Can Asiye be Saved? (Asiye Nasıl Kurtulur?) by Vasıf Öngören with sound experiments incorporating various art forms such as music, poetry, theatre, dance, staging and filming. The piece deals with the reoccupation of space, marginalization of gender, the violence act of writing biographies of ‘others’ and ‘madness’ of women.

“…Beside the highway of the rich and semi-rich white male domains (roads, banks, centres, private estates and money flows) TIR has been studying the sidewalk position for years. Now she gives these experiences a temporary home:

BONGI: Hey, Dishrag.
WOMAN: If you’re calling me, my name happens to be Mrs. Arthur Hazlett.
BONGI: Arthur!? That’s an odd name for a woman.
ARTHUR: That’s not my name; it’s my husband’s.
BONGI: Well, now I know what to call him; what’ll I call you?
ARTHUR: You’re not gonna call me anything, because I’m not gonna stick around to be called. I don’t want anything to do with you.
(ARTHUR starts to walk away, but BONGI grabs her arm.)
BONGI: You’re not going anywhere, Dishrag; you’re gonna stay right here and fight.”