2017- ongoing

NOOITO is a sound and music project created and performed by Angélica V. Salvi (harp) and Ece Canlı (voice). Through the exploration of various forms of sonic and phonic expression, it makes room for evoking, narrating and paying homage to the experiences of bodies that have long been excluded, silenced, tormented or ostracised, bringing their absent past back to present.

The first signs of NOOITO emerged when Angélica and Ece played together for the artistic residency in the scope of the Desencaminharte Festival in the north of Portugal, with an improvisation concert called Nártex, located in the bygone narthex of the Igreja de São Fins de Friestas. The leitmotif of this site-specific creation took its inspiration from the ruins of this monastery and the demolished part of the church; the part called narthex that was for the people who were not eligible or allowed to enter to the ‘holy space’, the ones who were yet to have a social recognition or were already expelled from the mercy of the divine; such as catechumens, penitents, sinners, perverts, lunatics and women. The piece, therefore, was to be dedicated to the ones that have stayed on the doorsill, on the inside-outside and on the margins of the social space. The musical and acoustic investment of this piece was to recall these bodies as a requiem, as a homage and even as an anti-exorcism. It was written for the two given instruments, harp and voice, having dialogs, discussions, calls and responses between them to evoke the ruins.

NOOITO continues creating. The Fable of, the debut album of NOOITO, reinterprets the misrepresented mental conditions of institutionalised bodies through a first-hand narration. It recounts a journey of opening into consciousness, escaping from the mundane and setting the self free by transforming it into a vegetal-bestial state.

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Photo credits: @Paula Perreira (Planetário Porto), @Cecília de Fátima (Desencaminharte and ZDB), João Pádua (Árvore), Miguel Carneiro