a music duo

NOOITO is a music project created and performed by Angélica V. Salvi (harp) and Ece Canlı (voice). Through the various forms of sonic and phonic expression, it narrates and evokes the experiences of corporeal and mental metamorphosis of bodies, especially of those who walk the fine line.

In 2020, NOOITO published its debut album ORA. ORA was first sketched out in 2017, following a set of improvisations which resulted in a live album called The Fable of. It started as a reenactment of the mental conditions of institutionalised bodies, as a journey through anti-consciousness and as an escape from the mundane. It reflects on the metamorphosis; the altered states.

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Photo credits: @Paula Perreira (Planetário Porto), @Cecília de Fátima (Desencaminharte and ZDB), João Pádua (Árvore), @Miguel Carneiro (photoshoots), @João Carvalho and @Diogo Meira (Salgado Fest at Maus Habitos)