locus sacer

A film project by
Oficina Arara (Miguel Carneiro, Pedro Nora, Bruno Borges), Júlio Mendes Rodrigo, Rafael Cortés, Helena Reis Leite and Ece Canlı; (in collaboration with Daniela Duarte, Sopa de Pedra and Filipe Silva)
Artistic Residency at Moinho da Fonte Santa
26 January-09 February 2015
(ongoing post-production)

Locus Sacer—(re-mythified ritualisation for the 21st century) is an artistic process carried out at the intersection of film-making, performance and audiovisual narrative construction. It started with the inspiration from the rocky hills and nature of the residency space Moinho da Fonte Santa, in Alandroal, located around the vicinity of the ruins of the ancient Luso-Roman empires, as a host of sacred believes and practices of former inhabitants. With the intention of evoking the old oracles, dream-states and sub/un-consciousness of the landscapes, the project embarked on merging natural with artificial, human with animal, consciousness with subconsciousness and real with fiction. 

“[…] In reverent obedience to the cyclical cadence of the astro-biological rhythms, the project is proposed to proceed with the denial of the Mystery, plunging into an ‘inner experience’ with a view of building a temporally autonomous Psico-Topos, to be bequeathed to the most interested form of an audiovisual register […] In the guise of systematisation, the artists of the project will inhabit a space habitually anchored in a past time, and therefore closed, that throughout the duration of the project is again open to the possibility of being covered by “presences” are present elements materialised through optical, sonic and scenic artifice, resulting from the timeless role of theatricality as an illusory act, over time serving both artistic and devotional purposes, or even manipulation of consciousness. Thus, in the course of the residency, space and time will be reactivated through the use of masks, body, voice and polyphony in the search for a synesthetic state between sounds and materials […] The artists, therefore, will gauge the existence of a synchronicity, or “significant coincidence,” existing between the stillness of the place, which provides a contemplative posture and the presence of architectural vestiges, underlying the sphere of the sacred dimension of Humanity.”  (text excerpt adaptation from the early proposal of the project, by Júlio Mendes Rodrigo)

Some image stills from the video footages