live low

Live Low is a music project created by Pedro Augusto (previously a.k.a. Ghuna X), including Gonçalo Duarte (guitar), Miguel Ramos (bass), Pedro Augusto (electronics) and myself Ece Canlı (vocals). In its last album, it brought the echoes of traditional Portuguese rural field songs into scene and re-evoked them through a humble instrumentalisation and reinterpretation. 

“Little by little – and finally – the vast field that we can call modern Portuguese music (whether pop, rock, jazz or markedly experimental) has been embracing without complicating the idea of ‘portugueseness’ that goes beyond the distant, ironic and inadequately kitsch look, referencing to the traditional songbook that seemed hopelessly condemned. Live Low, a notable Portuguese quartet that contributes more to this ongoing decomposition with its first full-length Toada (2016), leads the listener on a journey from sun to sunset through a rural, contemplative and ascetic imagery with bass and guitar to brush echoes of the good post-rock of the beginning of the century (via Tortoise or Labradford), and the voice of Ece Canli to emerge, between a predominantly instrumental frame, as an extra pillar of placidity and melody, particularly in Lembra-me Um Sonho Lindo, as a happy revisiting of the original of Fausto Bordalo Dias.” (Portuguese version extracted from Culturgest)

(The live concert from Serralves)

Video Credit: Dinis Santos; music reinterpretation of “Lembra-me Um Sonho Lindo” by Fausto

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Photo Credit: Varies (photographers from the venues of the gigs)