jordbro stadsteater

Artistic Residency as Occupation by T.I.R.
in Jordbromalmsskolan, Jordbro, Stockholm
2012-2015 (premier 28 August 2012)

JordbroStadsteater was a collaborative project residing in Jordbro (a suburb in Stockholm), Haninge Kommun, in the shut-down school Jordbromalmsskolan. The artistic residency was a part of Jordbro World Orchestra organisation. The project was a site-specific project, focusing on how to establish new scenes for socially and politically engaged dialogues through various performative art forms. The project was shaped into a growing platform both for artists and local creators in Jordbro, a neighbourhood that was deprived of cultural activities, social events and public spaces while becoming the centre of neoliberal interests and gentrification. So JordbroStadsteater was initiated as a free, open and radical stage. Artists aimed not only to function potential facilities of Jordbro and Jordbromalmsskolan by cooperating with the local communities and youth but also to explore different artistic forms of expression as a resistance against the oppressive urban politics. 

Although it started off in Jordbro, JordbroStadsteater soon turned out to be a moving and mobile art space, questioning the meaning of ‘state theatres’ (stadsteater in Swedish) that welcomed only privileged group of artists and art pieces legitimised by the state power. The platform continued to expand the idea through talks, workshops, events, concerts, performances and public interventions, involving people and young practitioners of interest. JordbroStadsteater, as a manifestation for free art and resistance platform for everyone, not as a ‘legitimised’ city theatre, became also ‘real’ for audience.