down on your knees sweetheart and kiss the ground

A performance piece created by T.I.R.
performed at Studion in Kulturhuset, Stockholm
Drift, Parking House Tellusgatan, Stockholm

“Sooner or later, all men become sex-offenders


– My best friend became a flasher; it’s a personal tragedy for me, the father sighs. The daughter is laughing harshly from the back-seat. It has nothing to do with personal tragedy; it is a farce just like Oedipus Rex. Since she had penetrated every story/ tale/ narrative as a way of maintaining power and control and ownership, they had all become puny and her world was full of gallows humor and whips. (She laughed when the guards whipped her – then no more). To endure life in the cold and damp dungeon, the loneliness, she started to fantasize. After a couple of months she was so skilled that she saw whatever she fantasized about: men buttoning their flies, rabbits covering the floor, various distinct colors like Christmas tinsel close to her eyes. She was repeatedly interrupted by the phone or computer, lawyers and parents and theatre-shows:

Alone in my garden with whips. I spread out over the world like a terrorist attack all men are forced to inhale tiny particles of my flesh (experience) and transform into dimwits easily manipulated into whatever the women (humans) wish. Lipstick and translucent dresses dance through the dawn where the Amazon caresses each other’s soiled coarse skin laughing pointing silently: /…/”