A solo vocal performance piece
2019 – ongoing
work in progress 

ain’t I an olde, a freak, a goblin;
yet a warlock you pray for?
ain’t I dimmed, doomed, damned;
yet with blood you crave for?
ain’t I your own versus,
your mirror,
a godsend you sent with no gods,
a nonsense you sensed with no guts,
a limb you cut with no buts
with no fear?
a beast you kill and you die for
with blood you can suck
no more.
see me reviving
with no gods.

ANABIOSIS is created (written, composed and performed) by Ece Canlı. It is a vocal performance piece, in which extended vocal techniques, the performer’s body and the conjuration-based scenography are used as a medium for exercising a metaphorical resurrection.

In ANABIOSIS – a scientific term for suspended animation that signifies the ability to return to life after death – Ece performs the revival of the seven female legendary creatures existing in Anatolian mythology (as the artist’s homeland). In myths, all of these figures were demonised, punished and killed in various ways, while in reality there are still similar stories experienced by gendered bodies. As a form of re-fabulating the history and exorcising this ongoing violence through a set of vocal, sonic and bodily reenactments, the performance aims to evoke and give voice to these characters. By using their narratives as starting points, the piece overall investigates how violent experiences scripted in different times and bodies can be communicated through different registers and positions of the ‘sounding-body’ along with experimental extended techniques, imageries and other sounding objects. The staged voice is explored as a channel through times, bodies and affects.